Follow the experiment of someone trying to think about life more precisely, but not too precisely. Trying to articulate and accept my truths, so that I may find new ones.

I ask, “What do I do with the grief, guilt, anxiety gripping me? What do I do with the unpredictability of a chaotic world? What do I do with this thirst for a more beautiful world?”

When getting started, “How to write (and read) this blog?” and Thematic guide to posts are good starting points. And of course, the inaugural blog post explaining the name of this blog.

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Meandering through loops and infinities. Articulating and accepting my truths, so that I may find new ones. It's turtles (and sometimes rocks) all the way down! Picture courtesy of Kira-Widjaja.


By day I work on AI for science. By night I draw upon philosophy and Buddhism to reflect upon what it means to be human.